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As President of the United Farmers Agents Association, I want to personally welcome you to explore the only organization that exists to support, connect, and protect your rights, as a Farmers Insurance Agent.

The United Farmers Agents Association mission as a professional association is to help our members through education, communications, support and information and to establish a true partnership with Farmers Group, Inc.

As you read about UFAA and our history,  you will have a better understanding as to the objectives of the association and why it exists. The primary reason that UFAA exists is to create a meaningful communication between FGI (management company) and the Agency force.  UFAA is not a negative organization, nor should it be perceived as such, but there are times when both parties do not agree on policy outcomes.  In many ways being a Farmers Agent is like being in a marriage.  Both the agent and the company receive mutual benefits from the relationship, but they don’t always agree on the path to achieve the outcome.

The United Farmers Agents Association strives to establish dialog that is mutually beneficial to the policyholders, the agents and the insurance carrier. Obviously, the more members an association has the louder the voice resonates with the insurance carrier. Another advantage to being a UFAA member is the collective knowledge we have with other insurance agent associations as many other companies’ agents have similar struggles that Farmers agents face. 

Feel free to explore the United Farmers Agents Association website and quarterly magazine, the “Voice” and hopefully it will convince you that you are not in this by yourself. There are thousands of agents just waiting to mentor and support you with any questions you may have about how best to run a successful agency.

Please send in your application and be a part of the solution.


Tom Schrader
United Farmers Agents Association


United Farmers Agents Association

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