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    Eric Lee

    Just how are we supposed to handle the threats from our DM’s regarding mileage used for NB auto? I have a client who has a 2008 vehicle, bought new, with 58K miles on it (verified by us) and he says he drives less than 8K per year. The system put it at 7.5K when we wrote the HH, I didn’t do it, the system did! His daily mileage to work 1 mile to and 1 mile from, supports this, yet I am being threatened by this DM, and his DMM crony because I did not over ride the system and put 10,400 on the application! I am thinking that the DOI might be interested in this since that is making a fraudulent statement by me by altering what the insured and the system indicates to be the right rating factor. I get the agents using mileage to control rates, been done since I started in ’79, but when I document this, and they still want me to change it when the facts do not support that change I have to draw the line. Any advice?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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