Thank You UFAA

Mr. Schrader,

I wish I would have been able to meet you before now! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join everyone in Las Vegas last summer. I wanted to send you an email to say thank you. When I first opened my eyes and heart to UFAA around this time last year I would never have expected why this organization would mean so much to me. In the very near future I will be separating from Farmers Insurance, and unfortunately that may mean I’m never able to work in insurance again. I really do love helping people and selling insurance comes very naturally to me. That is not to sound egotistical, rather it is to express that I feel that I’m a good fit for a career in insurance.

Several things have happened with my DM and now with corporate. It’s a pretty volatile situation and I really wish it wasn’t so. Anyway, I will separating and walking away (probably OWING them a few hundred dollars) between my “contract value” and “subsidy loan” balance. You know what’s crazy? I was just thinking about this the other day…I read the contract word for word and never expected anything to get this ugly between us. I don’t know if that makes sense or not, and I’m really not trying to sound overly dramatic, but they totally lured me into a mess. They put my finances, my sanity, my marriage, my sense of self-worth, a LOT of my savings on the line. They knew and still know that when they are gambling with a person’s will to succeed, they will generally win. That’s why Farmers will never be at the top of the market. Why would they even want to be on top? When they have an endless stream of profiting off of ill-qualified agents putting everything on the line to try to succeed and live the American dream of being a business owner.

I’m not sure what my involvement with UFAA will be from here. I would like to continue membership even though I may not be in the industry.

UFAA helped me understand that I’M NOT CRAZY. Thank you for all you have done as President to nurture and grow the organization to help agents like me.

Many Thanks

Help Us Help You!

Farmers Group Inc. is threatening once again the financial future of all Farmers Agents with the announcement of Auto commission cuts starting with your January 2018 folio.

Farmers says there are three primary reasons why they’re making changes to agent compensation opportunities:

  1. To better align compensation opportunities with our strategy.
  2. To provide greater reward opportunities for better performance.
  3. To help agents and Farmers in their efforts to achieve sustained, profitable growth.

My question to you is, “Exactly how many of the current 10,500 Farmers Agents do you expect to be able to jump through all the hoops to achieve the bonuses?” The rest of the Agency Force will be subsidizing those few agents whose manage to earn those bonuses, while the rest of the Agency Force will see a loss of income.

Not only will this affect your New Business Auto Commission and Renewals, but it will automatically decrease your Contract Value along with your Underwriting Contract Value Bonus. Do you want all of this to be determined by chance or the possibility that you might qualify for a bonus? And who’s to say the rules don’t change in the future with more hoops to jump through to earn a bonus.

Wouldn’t it be better to leave the existing commissions alone and if FGI wants to reward the Agency Force for writing XXX # of policies, being profitable or cross selling, then give a bonus. But don’t reduce commissions for the majority of the Agency Force to reward a few and pocket the rest.

Now is the time for your voice to be heard. An online petition is being created for the Agency Force to sign informing FGI that we adamantly oppose this commission cut along with any future cuts. Keep an eye out for notification that the petition is available.