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Does UFAA host local events?

Yes! UFAA has Chapters nationwide that host meetings. Check with your Chapter President and our website for calendar events.

Does UFAA dislike Farmers?

No! UFAA is a benefit-driven Association created by Farmers Agents for Farmers Agents.  We are NOT anti-Farmers, we are pro-Agent.

How is alternate E&O a member benefit?

In addition to saving money in most cases, the UFAA E&O program is specifically designed to cover claims that the Farmers’ sponsored Calsurance policy does not. A comparison chart is available here or you can find more information at

How long has UFAA been in existence?

UFAA was incorporated in 1967. For more of our history you can read more here.

Does UFAA represent all agent contracts?

Yes!  UFAA represents members on all contracts. Furthermore, UFAA has document library of Farmers AAA contracts and addendums.

Do I have to be a UFAA member to access the E&O Program?

Yes. The UFAA E&O policy is only available to current members.


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