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 The United Farmers Agents Association is a professional Association committed to helping our members through education, communications, support and information, and to establish a true partnership with Farmers Group.

Human Behavior & Social Interaction

I must admit that for the past 40 plus years, I have long been extremely intrigued with observing human behavior, body language, critical thinking and social interaction. It probably started when I was a child and I watched the grownups play chess, checkers, softball and football. It was amazing to me how much time, energy and effort individuals placed on winning these games and yet remained friends and socially cohesive.

For better or worse society has a vested interest in developing rules and laws to ensure that everyone behaves appropriately and there is social order. When the rules and laws are drafted, developed and implemented, there is an understanding that if one follows the rules there is an expected outcome. In other words, there is an implied rule that if you are courteous and wait in line, eventually you will get your chance to buy popcorn at the Movie Theater, sports tickets, groceries, etc. If one doesn’t follow the rules, there are also ramifications that follow.

The same principles and rules apply to individuals that choose to enter a business relationship. In order for two parties to conduct business there is usually a written contract that specifies the duties, compensation and performance of both parties. Additionally, a contract may be held as an invalid contract by the courts, if it is found that one party used misrepresentations and fraudulent inducement as a way to entice the other party to sign the contract.

I would like to believe that the relationship between the agency force and Farmers is somewhat like a highly evolved wolf pack. Even though a wolf pack can be extremely aggressive and carnivorous, the wolves are all committed to a common purpose and that is the social order, welfare and survival of the wolf pack. In my personal opinion, when an agent and the Exchanges enter into a contractual agreement (AAA) both parties are agreeing to work to the mutual benefit of both parties, the wolf packs so to speak. If one party takes it upon themselves to not honor the letter of the law (AAA) contract as well as the spirit of the contract (AAA) then the social order of the pack is threatened and it winter_2015becomes chaos.

Let us put our selfish interest aside and work together as a highly evolved wolf pack, as a team, before this thing we have descends into utter and complete chaos.

Tom Schrader - President